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CPG Solutions

Demand Planning


We combine the power of People, Process, and Analytics to advance the collaboration between the demand planner and statistical forecast. We incorporate their domain knowledge into the forecast, reducing the frequency of planner overrides.

Our Demand Planning solutions include:


Trade Promotion Effectiveness


Analyzing how each promotion is performing can be very beneficial, but many companies do not possess the skill set or bandwidth for in-depth analysis. Our goal is to maximize your Trade Spend by providing the analytical engine to model and predict future results of events.

Retail Analytics User Experience Design


Adopting analytics involves substantial organizational changes. Most of the promising analytical initiatives fail due to user adoption issues.



Prognos Inc. is dedicated to providing financially measurable results for Retailers and Consumer Packaged Goods companies through advanced analytic solutions.

Many of these leading Retail and CPG companies have turned to us to initiate, accelerate, remediate or perpetuate their investments into analytic led business initiatives.


Think Prognos every time you identify a problem that does not fit your statistical toolset. We have a solution to fit your needs.



Retail Solutions

Customer/Transaction Insight


Customer/Transaction Insight assists retailers by examining the relevancy and appeal of each promotional offer for your shoppers. Knowing what offers they will most likely respond to will increase profitability and drive traffic to your store.

Lifecycle Pricing


We help you develop a detailed understanding of the shopper to determine product offer relevancy, price sensitivity, and brand loyalty. We also determine how competitor pricing impacts the performance of regular, promotional, and markdown pricing and deliver the capability to predict how price changes across multiple products affects the ‘total basket’ for each shopper.

Retail Promotion Effectiveness


The Retail Promotion Effectiveness solution from Prognos gives retailers visibility into the factors that influence the effectiveness of all promotions. This allows the retailer to make the right decision about the right products to promote through the right channel, using promotional vehicles and understanding the required inventory levels.