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Are you a service provider or a software company?

We are a solution provider. We combine deep mathematical, functional and industry knowledge with technology, to provide the best CPG statistical forecasting solution.

How long and how much?

Depends on the complexity and size of the forecasting problem. But a rule of thumb would be 9 months for 1 business unit start to finish. Subsequent businesses units at the same client would be quicker.

Do you have to use SAS?

The current solution is written in SAS. We could convert to another language but this would require time and money, and we could not guarantee directly equivalent functionality.

What does Prognos bring that I can't get from another forecasting solution?

Statistical and industry expertise plus a process that incorporates business knowledge into the statistical forecast. We leverage this knowledge and tools to tailor our solution to your specific business requirements. This is not a “black box” solution.

So do I need you forever?

We transfer knowledge to enable your organization to continually tune and improve the forecast. We can also provide as much or as little ongoing support that you desire.

Do you only do CPG forecasting?

We focus on forecasting high value, seasonal, demand that can have many demand drivers. We would forecast any business that fits that definition, the majority of these are CPG or retail.