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Trade Promotion Effectiveness

Trade Promotion Effectiveness, even among the largest enterprises, remains very limited in its use. The ability to predict which promotions will work best and how each will affect your bottom line sounds extremely compelling; however, many barriers to adoption of a solution exist. Poor data quality, lack of required analytical skills, and even bandwidth of staff, all contribute to make execution difficult.

Promotion Effectiveness should consider all significant variables such as promotion cost, anticipated lift, product margin as well as business constraints such as budget, frequency, and duration of events simultaneously to identify the combination of activities that produce the best results. Identifying the true effectiveness of promotions allows consumer goods manufacturers to move beyond answering questions such as, “What is the expected impact on volume if we run a 4 week 40% temporary price reduction on an end cap?” to answering questions such as, “What is the most effective use of funds?” or “Which products perform the best for certain types of promotions?”

At Prognos we rely on our ability to solve complex analytical problems. We focus on providing a superior Analytical Engine to the Trade Promotion Management systems that have not been utilized to their maximum potential.

We possess the domain knowledge needed to assess a firm’s existing processes relative to current best practices and to configure the solution which best addresses a company’s unique requirements. Since Trade Promotion directly impacts sales and operations planning, we provide dynamic integration with existing or vendor-provided supply chain and finance solutions.